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Construction management, vis-a-vis, is equipped with sufficient and highly skilled staff which are positioned to different sections/departments with individual role to play and collectively a team-goal to achieve.
  • Client Satisfaction

    AFCC executes projects within a controlled environment to meet deadlines and budgets required by the client. Through implementing enhanced technologies and continuously upgrading its engineering and quality capabilities, the Company is able to deliver a high standard of work and ensure client satisfaction.

  • Timely Delivery

    By closely monitoring quality control, project planning, procurement schedules and construction activities, and by allocating overtime resources when needed, management is capable to deliver works according to the client’s timetable.

  • Execution Strategy

    AFCC deploys strict project management procedures and a Quality Management System which enables the Company to handle such a large and complex project. The Company adheres to International and Saudi Building Standards which facilitate efficient communication with the client, robust risk management and delivery of high quality work.

  • Operational Performance

    AFCC supplies and installs all of the required equipment and materials needed for the works, including material submittals, shop drawings and technical manuals. The Company leverages on its extensive knowledge of market needs and evolving technologies to ensure that the products and systems installed offer optimal solutions.

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Partners & affiliates

AFCC has been able to develop such a high reputation due to its several strategic developments that its management chose to pursue over the course of AFCC’s rich history in contracting. FITEC in 1999, French based engineering design firm that provided AFCC in KSA the design requirements and complementary services it needed in order to progress with its fast-paced delivery of projects for its clients. Considering the high volume of projects AFCC began to cater for in the beginning 2000s, another critical alliance was established to continue to hold its high standing as a MEP contractor with the latest technology in its services provided. A new MEP partner was required to create an even stronger synergy within its engineering and construction teams which it had dedicatedly built over the past years. Its strategic alliance with Cap France BAT SA gave AFCC the opportunity to continue striving in the construction market and tackle even more highly technical projects and scope of work with a larger and more systematic operational structure. With the affiliation of CFB in 2007, AFCC and CFB have completed very significant projects and further developed its standing reputation in this market. AFCC has established itself as a leading high quality MEP contractor based in Riyadh after been operating in the construction business for more than 30 years and has prominently established itself as a reference to worthy MEP projects.  A majority of the projects fall under the category of General Buildings, Mixed-use Facilities, Office Buildings and Industrial facilities. In addition, one of the specialties of AFCC as an MEP contractor are works related to highly technical and sophisticated projects such as research facilities, laboratories, and hospitals. These projects are generally pursued alongside the company’s strategic partnership with one if its affiliates. Gensler, a highly reputable design consultancy firm based in the United States with an international presence is the design consulting partner for Al Fayhaa projects and is also specialized in the design of highly sophisticated research facilities and laboratories, currently performing design/build services for laboratories in the Kingdom through its affiliates Gensler and Cap France BAT SA. Coupled with this scope of work is Al Fayhaa’s capacity to offer its clients a high-quality scope of work for specialized civil engineering projects through its affiliation with the Modern Arab Construction Company (MAC). This strategic partnership with its affiliates allows Al Fayhaa to provide clients with a turnkey approach to design and construction projects throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  AFCC also has completed a vast amount of private residence contracts which include the highest standard of material and design throughout its history as a contractor. The company is able to continuously offer clients the highest quality of construction related services and on-time delivery for all of its fast-paced and vastly technical projects.

Our Clients

AFCC always considers establishing virtuous working relationship with clients while doing business. To achieve continuous customer satisfaction, the contractor shall establish a streamlined communication channel with the Clients including a performance assessment feedback framework to improve the project’s performance. Communication is a vital and fundamental tool to make the project execution in line with the Project Schedule by bringing ideas into a forum of concerns.AFCC is a registered/accredited contractor for various projects of the following Companies and associated with various Engineering Consultants: 
HOK, Vanderweil, Zuhair Fayez Partnership, Dar Al Handasah, Dar Al Omran, Mohammad Al-Mousa Consulting Engineering, Khaled Eweida & Partners, Omrania & Associates Architectural and Engineering Consultant.

Quality Products

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The Company operates within various disciplines for projects entailing General Construction Services and AFCC practices a strong capacity in Electrical, Mechanical, Audio Visual – Integrated System, and in Plumbing and Public Health Engineering services due to its relationships with affiliates. The projects’ operations are managed by a competent Projects Director with highly qualified Project Managers who are equipped with a wide-range of experienced engineering and are directly and closely involved in directing and managing every project phase from mobilization, execution and up to the commissioning of the project or the so-called Project Acceptance Test.



Concrete Works, Structural Steel and Blockworks, Built-up roofing and concrete roofing, System partitions, Internal Architecture finishing works, Pre-cast and Reinforced concrete works, Masonry walls, Plaster Works, Tile and Marble Works, Wooden and Aluminum doors/windows


 Electrical power installations, HV & MV Sub-Stations, High & Medium Voltage Distribution, Electrical Wiring, Fire Detection & alarm systems, Security Systems, Closed Circuit Camera and TV Systems, Audio and Paging systems, Telephone & Data Systems, Central Clock Systems, Special Lighting (Track Lighting)


HVAC, PLUMBING, & PUBLIC HEALTH ENGINEERING HVAC System (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), Building Automation, District Cooling Plants, Industrial and process services, Plant and Machinery Installation, Refrigeration, Plumbing and Sanitary works, H&C water Supply Systems, Water Filtration Systems, Irrigation Systems, Swimming Pools, Drainage, LPG/NG Systems, Fire Fighting Systems / Clean Agent Systems, Waste Water and Sewage Treatment


AFCC has introduced Audio Visual Integrated System, a part of low current, as a new developed area of business activity.  This new division has completed various million-worth of projects with diverse work descriptions.   The following are few highlights of this new division:

-Audio Visual – Integrated System has completed its project with scope in Centralized Automation System for single access with multiple Control functionalities for lighting, sound, temperature, Curtains, humidity, fountain, remote live conferences with image and sound, multiple microphones for conferences, remote TV control, foreground music in the foyer or corridor.  This operation is made possible through the 6” wall-mounted wireless color touch panels.  Monitored and controlled entry for highly classified areas using cameras and finger-print reader installed on egress or ingress doors and in elevators.

-Integrated Audio Visual System has proven its functionality of making stage sound system of Roman-designed Amphitheatre transform both lights and sounds to dynamic waves.  Stage lightings are architecturally positioned and fastened to over-head truss with the possibility of maneuvering the precise wavelength in order to produce the desired stage ambience with modulated stage sounds.



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A successful organization is capable of excelling in this market environment only if it is heavily investing and effectively managing its human capital. At AFCC, we understand that our human capital is one of the major ingredients of our successful history as a high quality turnkey construction service. As our scope of services and operations gradually expand, we continuously seek the highest caliber of technical, administrative and managerial team members throughout our company departments and understand the value-driven and team-based approach that is essential to maintain an effective contracting business.


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